Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Enkei AKP (Black w/ Chrome Trim)

Enkei AKP (Chrome w/ Black Trim)

Enkei Aletta (Matte Gunmetal / Machined)

Enkei Aletta (Silver / Machined)

Enkei Ammodo (Hyper Silver)

Enkei Apache II (Black Machined)

Enkei Apache II (Silver Machined)

Enkei EDR9 (Matte Black)

Enkei EDR9 (Silver)

Enkei EKM3 (Gunmetal)

Enkei EKM3 (Hyper Silver)

Enkei EM5 (Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei EM5 (Platinum Bronze w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei ENKEI92 (Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei ENKEI92 (Gold w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei ENKEI92 (Silver w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei ES6 (Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei EV5 (Hyper Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei EV5 (Matte Bronze w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei Falcon (Hyper Silver w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei Falcon (Matte Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei FD-05 (Black / Machined)

Enkei FD-05 (Gunmetal / Machined)

Enkei FLC-01 (Black)

Enkei FLC-01 (Matte Bronze)

Enkei FLC-01 (Silver)

Enkei FN-18 (Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei Fujin (Black)

Enkei Fujin (Silver)

Enkei G5 (Black / Machined)

Enkei GP5 (Silver Machined)

Enkei GP5 (Silver)

Enkei GP5 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei GTC01 (Hyper Black)

Enkei GW8 (Matte Black)

Enkei J-SPEED (Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei J-SPEED (Silver w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei J10 (Matte Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei J10 (Silver w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei Klamp (Hyper Black)

Enkei Klamp (Matte Black w/ Red Stripe)

Enkei L-SR (Black / Machined)

Enkei LF-10 (Black)

Enkei LF-10 (Chrome)

Enkei LS-5 (Black)

Enkei LS-5 (Chrome)

Enkei Lusso (Black)

Enkei Majesty (Chrome)

Enkei NT03+M (F1 Silver)

Enkei PF01 (Silver)

Enkei PKR (Matte Black w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei Raijin (Black)

Enkei Raijin (Gun Metal)

Enkei Raijin (Hyper Silver)

Enkei RAZR (Black / Machined)

Enkei RP03 (Silver)

Enkei RP03 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei RP05 (Metallic Silver)

Enkei RP05 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei RPF1 (F1 Silver)

Enkei RPF1 (Gold)

Enkei RPF1 (Special Brilliant Chrome)

Enkei RPF1 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei RPF1 Type II (Gunmetal)

Enkei RS05 (Metallic Silver)

Enkei RS05 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei RSM9 (Piano Black)

Enkei RZ-5 (Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei SC03 (Silver)

Enkei SC03 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei SC05 (Silver)

Enkei SC05 (Special Brilliant Coating)

Enkei SR6 (Gunmetal)

Enkei SR6 (Matte Black)

Enkei SR6 (Matte Bronze)

Enkei STR5 (Black / Machined)

Enkei T-Fork (Gunmetal / Machined)

Enkei WDM (Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip)

Enkei - LSF (Platinum Metallic)

ENKEI custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities.

Enkei LSF (Platinum Metallic)
For expert fitment advice, please call us at 1-866-747-6247

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 Bolt Pattern
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The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub-mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel.

Our application database selects only the wheels within the proper offset range based on your vehicle.

Positive Offset: The hub-mounting surface is toward the curbside of the centerline.

Zero Offset: The hub-mounting surface is even with the centerline of the wheel.

Negative Offset: The hub-mounting surface is closer to the back or brake side of the wheel’s centerline.

Please see FAQ > Offset for diagrams and more detailed explanations.
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Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern describes how many bolts hold the wheel on to the car and the diameter on which those bolts are evenly spaced.

If you do not know your car's bolt pattern, don't worry; simply select your vehicle in the dropdown boxes above. lists all bolt patterns in millimeters. For bolt circle conversions to inches and lug pattern diagrams, please read FAQ > Bolt Pattern.

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